Design process to evaluate potential of wind noise at facade elements

Cristina Paduano


Dr. Cristina Paduano is an Aerospace Engineer, who has specialised in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD). She has over 11 years’ experience in the field of numerical modelling of air flows. Her experience has been gained through academic research and working in industry.Cristina manages a team of CFD specialists in Arup, Dublin, which provides a wide variety of flow analysis for buildings including indoor thermal comfort, fire and smoke modelling, HVAC modelling, wind simulations and fluid-structure interactions. Since arriving in Arup, she used the knowledge acquired from her PhD in aero-acoustics to investigate the fluid-dynamic phenomena underlying the generation of air-born noise from building façade elements. With her team she developed a numerical methodology that can predict if a façade will generate noise when exposed to wind.


Wind noise generation from a solar shading façade is a design concern of engineers. A shading façade consists typically of a series of fins which repeat sequentially and that is mounted at a certain distance from the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Cristina Paduano (Arup)
  2. Réamonn Mac Réamoinn (Arup)
  3. Jennifer Keenahan (Arup)

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