Heat Activated Prestressing of Shape Memory Alloys for Active Confinement of Concrete Sections

Raj Suhail

Queen's University Belfast

Raj’s research background lies in structural engineering, in particularly structural dynamics, design and retrofitting of reinforced concrete and steel buildings. He has gained extensive experience in experimental testing of large scale reinforced concrete sub-assemblies under static and dynamic loading. He is adept with several non-linear FEA packages such as ABAQUS and DIANA and possesses prior knowledge of numerical and computational modelling of reinforced concrete. Raj has over 4 years of experience in consulting engineering. He has worked on many prestigious projects both in public and private sectors. His expertise lie in commercial and public buildings.


This paper presents the results from the experimental investigation on heat activated prestressing of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) wires for active confinement of concrete sections. Active confinement of concrete is found to be... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Raj Suhail (Queen's University Belfast)
  2. Giuseppina Amato (Queen's University Belfast)
  3. Jian Fei Chen (Queen's University Belfast)
  4. Daniel McCrum (Queen's University Belfast)

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