A Simplified System for Assessing the Condition of Irish Regional and Local Roads

Brian Mulry

PMS Pavement Management Services Ltd.

Brian Mulry is a Director of PMS Pavement Management Services Ltd., a civil engineering consultancy firm specialising in testing, evaluation and management of roads and airports. Brian holds BE and Masters degrees in Civil Engineering from NUI Galway. He is a Chartered Engineer, and was formerly Chairman of the West Region of Engineers Ireland. He is a Member of the Institute of Asphalt Technology. He has published a number of research papers and articles in the pavements area. His paper will deal with the Use of Average Least Dimension in Surface Dressing.


The surface condition of road pavements is a vital element in pavement management to prioritise projects, select appropriate treatments and make the best use of available resources. To evaluate the condition of the Regional... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Brian Mulry (PMS Pavement Management Services Ltd.)
  2. John McCarthy (Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.)

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