Interface Shear Behavior of precast prestressed concrete beams with slender webs in beam and slab bridge construction

Michael Slevin

Trinity College Dublin

Michael started with Banagher Precast Concrete in September 2006 working as a quality control engineer. He moved into the design office in 2007 working on Thomond Park and the Aviva Stadium. In 2008 he moved into the Civil side of the company designing Box Culverts. Michael developed the Banagher Precast Concrete Portal Frame which has become very popular on large scale civil engineering projects and was first used on the N18 Gort to Crusheen project and most recently on the Borders Railway Project in Scotland. The Portal Frame system is now being widely used by Network Rail instead of the Conarch system. Recently Michael compiled the 1st and 2nd Edition of the Banagher Precast Concrete Bridge Beam Manual and the Bridge Beam Design Manual. He is currently undertaking a PhD in Trinity College Dublin part time.


In Ireland and the United Kingdom precast prestressed concrete bridge beams are commonly used in small to medium sized highway and railway bridges, i.e. 20m-50m spans. Over the past ten years the majority of these bridges have... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Michael Slevin (Trinity College Dublin)
  2. Alan J O'Connor (Trinity College, University of Dublin)

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