The Introduction and Implementation of Mobile Retroreflectivity Measurement of Pavement Markings in Ireland

Alan Boyle

PMS Pavement Management Services Ltd.

Alan graduated from NUI Galway in 2010 with a B.E. Honours Degree in Civil Engineering. He has 6 years experience in the industry, working with PMS Ltd. He has worked with the data collection, data analysis and special projects teams within the company. He currently is project manager for all Pavement Marking Measurement projects within the company. He is also Quality Manager for PMS Ltd., which is an INAB accredited company.


Retroreflectivity describes the ability of a road/pavement marking to reflect light back to its source and is critical in ensuring the safety of road users, especially in low-light conditions and at night. It is assessed by... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Eoin Greaney (PMS Pavement Management Services Ltd.)
  2. Alan Boyle (PMS Pavement Management Services Ltd.)

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