Considerations for the Design of Bending Active Timber Gridshells

Matt Collins

University of Limerick

Matt graduated from the University of Limerick with BE(Hons) in Civil Engineering in 2012. In 2012, he was awarded IRC funding to pursue a PhD in the field of Timber Gridshells. In 2016, he was awarded 1st prize in the engineering category of the Wood Marketing Federation Third Level Student Wood Awards. This doctoral research is now nearing completion but he has ambitions to further the research in timber gridshells as he embarks on his professional career.


Bending active gridshells are generated by deforming a flat timber grid towards a curved shell-like target shape. As a result of this deformation bending pre-stresses are developed during the forming of the structure. This is... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Matt Collins (University of Limerick)
  2. Tom Cosgrove (University of Limerick)

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