Drive-by inference of railway track longitudinal profile using accelerometer readings taken by in-service vehicles

Paraic Quirke

School of Civil Engineering, University College Dublin

Paraic Quirke graduated from University College Dublin in 2005 with a degree in Civil Engineering. Paraic then spent 7 years working in industry on the design and project management of various road, rail and airport projects in Ireland and Australia including Dublin Metro North, major taxiway and apron works at Perth Airport and the design of a new airport at Komo in Paupa New Guinea. Paraic is now working with Irish Rail on a pan-European PhD research project called SUP&R ITN. His research involves analysis of the inertial response of in-service vehicles to determine railway track and bridge condition.


Accurate knowledge of the longitudinal profile of railway track is essential to support maintenance planning by track asset managers. The dynamic response of a train is largely dependent on the longitudinal profile of the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Eugene OBrien (School of Civil Engineering, University College Dublin)
  2. Cathal Bowe (Irish Rail)
  3. Paraic Quirke (School of Civil Engineering, University College Dublin)
  4. Daniel Cantero (Norwegian University of Science & Technology)

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