Characterisation and water aging of composite materials for tidal turbine blades

Michael Flanagan

NUI Galway

Michael Flanagan is a NUI Galway PhD student working under supervision of Dr. Jamie Goggins and Prof. Sean Leen. Michael is a graduate of University of Limerick and is currently employed by EireComposites. Michael has been awarded Irish Research Council funding for his current research. Michael's research areas are out of autoclave manufacturing of composites, joining of composites, and permeability of composites . Michael enjoys cycling and running.


It is widely acknowledged that Ireland has access to some of the richest tidal energy resources in the world. The technology required to efficiently and economically extract tidal energy is dependent on the current choice of... [ view full abstract ]


  1. David Grogan (NUI Galway)
  2. Michael Flanagan (NUI Galway)
  3. Jamie Goggins (NUI Galway)
  4. Ciaran Kennedy (National University of Ireland Galway)
  5. Adrian Doyle (√ČireComposites Teo)
  6. Michael Walls (NUI Galway)
  7. Sean Leen (NUI Galway)

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