Development of a 2D hydrodynamic model to assess the risk of flooding from wave overtopping and tidal inundation of a site in Co. Clare

Kevin Barry

Ove Arup & Partners Ireland

Kevin Barry is a Senior Engineer with Ove Arup & Partners. He has over twelve years’ experience in developing numerical models of river and coastal systems. Using these models he has investigated many engineering problems including fluvial and coastal flooding, dam break flooding, transport of sediment, water quality and transport modelling. He has significant experience of flood risk management in Ireland.


A very significant storm event in January 2014 resulted in severe coastal erosion and flooding to Cloughaninchy beach in Co. Clare. A coastal flood and erosion risk management feasibility study of the site was subsequently... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Kevin Barry (Ove Arup & Partners Ireland)
  2. Daniel Walsh (Ove Arup & Partners Ireland)
  3. Joshua Reilly (Ove Arup & Partners Ireland)
  4. Susana Lizondo (Ove Arup & Partners Ireland)
  5. Julie Ascoop (Ove Arup & Partners Ireland)
  6. Steve Lahiffe (Clare County Council)
  7. Tom Tiernan (Clare County Council)

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EN-2 » Environmental II (13:30 - Tuesday, 30th August, ENG-2002)