Stress analysis of welded steel catenary risers

Ronan Devaney

National University of Ireland Galway

Ronan Devaney is a 1st year PhD student at NUI Galway. He received a B.E in Mechanical Engineering from NUI Galway in 2015, and his current research involves computational and experimental work on fatigue and corrosion in line pipe steels.


Steel catenary risers (SCRs) have become a necessary cost saving alternative to flexible risers for economically viable deep-water oil and gas exploration and production. One of the primary challenges in SCR design is the need... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ronan Devaney (National University of Ireland Galway)
  2. Padraic O'Donoghue (National University of Ireland Galway)
  3. Sean Leen (National University of Ireland Galway)

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