Clacton and Holland on Sea Coastal Protection Case Study to assess the pros and cons of using BIM on coastal protection schemes

Dr David Collery

Mott McDonald Ltd/GMIT

David is current a part-time lecturer at GMIT and director of DCS Engineering Consultancy which provides contract project management and BIM implementation services. David has worked on range of civil, flood risk and coastal schemes. With many schemes achieving awards for Environmental Best Practices, Innovative Design, Construction and Considerate Construction practices. David has research background in sustainable concretes.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a topic that is high on the agenda within the construction industry, so much so, that it has central UK government backing, who have set a target to require “collaborative 3D BIM (with... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Dr David Collery (Mott McDonald Ltd/GMIT)
  2. Andrew McCloud (Canham Consulting)
  3. Victoria Deakin (Mott McDonald Ltd)
  4. James Ennos (Tendring District Council)

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