Resistance of alkali activated slag concretes to chloride environments

Douglas Thompson

Queen's University Belfast

Douglas Thompson is currently an undergraduate at Queen’s University Belfast, studying for a Masters in Civil Engineering with a year in industry. He has recently completed his third year of study, during which he completed a dissertation entitled An Investigation of Chloride Ingress into Alkali Activated Material Concretes, on which this paper is based. His dissertation earned him two awards, the Hugh Turtle Award for coming top three in the year, and the Professor Long Award for exceptional innovation in a project. He is continuing to assist the research team at Queen’s over the summer with their work on this area of research.


Researchers are focusing their attention on alternative binder systems with low environmental footprint. One such systems being considered is alkali activated slag concretes (AASC), made by adding alkalis such as sodium... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Dali Bondar (Queen's University Belfast)
  2. Douglas Thompson (Queen's University Belfast)
  3. Sreejith Nanukuttan (Queen's University Belfast)
  4. Marios Soutsos (Queen's University Belfast)
  5. Muhammed Basheer (Leeds University)

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