Bearing Capacity beneath tapered blades of open dug caisson in sand

Ronan Royston

University of Oxford/ Ward and Burke Construction

Graduated from University of Limerick with a degree in Civil engineering. Upon completion of my degree in 2013, I joined the design team at Ward and Burke Construction working on numerous jobs throughout Ireland and the UK. Currently based in University of Oxford, I am carrying out research on soil-structure interaction on open dug caissons through numerical analysis, small scale laboratory testing and full scale instrumentation on life construction sites.


An open dug caisson shaft is a form of top-down construction in which a concrete shaft is sunk into the ground using the weight of the shaft and additional kentledge, if required. Excavation at the base of the caisson shaft... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ronan Royston (University of Oxford/ Ward and Burke Construction)
  2. Bryn Phillips (University of Oxford)
  3. Brian Sheil (University of Oxford)
  4. Byron Byrne (University of Oxford)

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