Make a clever decision - no violence!


In our presentation we would like to focus on how violence can be prevented in schools especially with young pupils. Our project takes place in a school in south germany. The project phases are : - register the self-awareness... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Alexandra Kosma (ETRT OT school Reutlingen)
  2. Maximilian Giel (ETRT OT school Reutlingen)
  3. Sinje Autenrieth (ETRT OT school Reutlingen)
  4. Nicole Stierle (ETRT OT school Reutlingen)

Topic Areas

WHO 2020 health promotion and disease prevention , Social inequality , Community society gender, culture , Pedagogical methods , Practice and intervention methods , New and innovative intervention , Evidence based practice , Multiprofessional issues in practice, research and education , Service user involvement in developing practice education and research enablement , Vocational, reintegration and work


PS2 » Poster Session 2 - Coffee Break - 15:10 - 16:10 (15:10 - Friday, 17th June, Concourse)