Educating for Uncertain Futures.

Dr. Helen Beetham

Helen Beetham is a writer, researcher and adviser on e-learning issues in the UK.
She was a member of the Beyond Current Horizons programme, commissioned by the last UK government to advise on education beyond 2025, and has written key national reports on e-portfolios, e-learning and pedagogy, digital literacy and open educational practice.
A long-standing consultant to the Jisc e-learning programme, she recently completed a year-long study on the expectations and experiences of today’s ‘digital students’ and is now working on a national framework for staff digital capabilities.
Helen provides independent consultancy to a wide range of universities and colleges, most recently as part of the Changing the Learning Landscapes programme. Her co-authored volumes Rethinking Pedagogy for a Digital Age and Rethinking Learning for a Digital Age (both Routledge) are standard texts on masters courses in Education.
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