Microfluidic synthesis and biological evaluation of photothermal biodegradable copper sulphide nanoparticles

Isabel Ortiz de Solorzano

University of Zaragoza

Isabel Ortiz de Solórzano is a PhD student in the Nanostructured Films and Particles of University of Zaragoza. She obtained her Chemical Engineering Degree (2014) and Master (2015) from University of Zaragoza. Her PhD thesis is based on the batch and continuous synthesis and simulation of several inorganic, polymeric and hybrid nanoparticles with biomedical applications.


INTRODUCTION Copper(II) sulfide(CuS) nanoparticles are semiconductor chalcogenides with electronic and optical properties. As plasmonic material, it absorbs near infrared light converting it into heat due to the excitation of... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Isabel Ortiz de Solorzano (University of Zaragoza)
  2. Martín Prieto (University of Zaragoza)
  3. Gracia Mendoza (University of Zaragoza)
  4. Teresa Alejo (University of Zaragoza)
  5. Silvia Irusta (University of Zaragoza)
  6. Víctor Sebastián (University of Zaragoza)
  7. Manuel Arruebo (University of Zaragoza)

Topic Area

Nanomedecine for cancer diagnosis & therapy


OS1-103 » Nanomedecine for cancer diagnosis & therapy (16:00 - Wednesday, 28th September, Tower 24 - Room 103)

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