Electrospun PCL nanofibers loaded with carvacrol for wound dressing applications

Enrique Gamez Herrera

University of Zaragoza

Enrique Gamez Herrera obtained his BSc in Chemistry at the University of Jaen, Spain, in 2010. His Thesis was entitled “Research About Reactivity of Quercetin”. After that, he started a Master Degree in Fine Chemistry at the University of Alcala, Spain. His Master Thesis was established under the direction of Maria del Camino González Arellano and was entitled “Synthesis of Platinum Nanoparticles stabilized with NHC”. Currently, he is a PhD student at NFP group from the University of Zaragoza under the direction of Silvia Irusta and Manuel Arruebo, focused on the synthesis of nanofibers loaded with natural compounds by electrospinning.


Introduction In chronic wounds, an appropriate protection is necessary for a correct healing and actual passive wound dressings are not suitable in these cases. For acute or chronic wounds properties that reduce healing... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Enrique Gamez Herrera (University of Zaragoza)
  2. Silvia Irusta (University of Zaragoza)
  3. Manuel Arruebo (University of Zaragoza)

Topic Area

Targeted drug delivery and Nanocarriers


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