CNTs recruit different serum protein assortments on the biocorona


Universidad de Cantabria-IDIVAL

Bachelor in Chemistry at the University of ExtremaduraMaster in Biotechnology at the University of GranadaExperience in cell biology, molecular biology, protein biochemistry and protein stability.

Nerea Iturrioz

Universidad de Cantabria-IDIVAL

Bachelor in Biology at the University of the Basque CountryMaster in neuroscience at the University of the Basque CountryMaster in molecular biology and biomedicine at the University of CantabriaExperience in cell biology and molecular biology techniques


Universidad de Cantabria-IDIVAL

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Carbon nanotubes (CNT) have a highly reactive surface that has the intrinsic ability of recruiting surrounding proteins on their surfaces through non-covalent interactions. The CNT biocorona has a chief role in CNT toxicity... [ view full abstract ]


  1. ESPERANZA PADÍN GONZÁLEZ (Universidad de Cantabria-IDIVAL)
  2. Nerea Iturrioz (Universidad de Cantabria-IDIVAL)
  3. Eloisa González-lavado (Universidad de Cantabria-IDIVAL)
  4. Carmen Pesquera (Universidad de Cantabria)
  5. Fernando González (Universidad de Cantabria)
  6. MONICA FANARRAGA (Universidad de Cantabria-IDIVAL)

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Nanomedecine for cancer diagnosis & therapy


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