Biocompatible Metal Organic Frameworks in Nanomedicine

christian serre


He is a Research Director at CNRS since 2008 and Head of the Paris Institute of Porous Materials at the Ecole Normale Superieure - ESPCI (formely Porous Solids Team at Institut Lavoisier de Versailles) in Paris. His research is focused on the discovery of new functional porous hybrid solids and their applications in health, energy and environment.


Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are a recent class of tuneable porous hybrid solids based on metal sub-units connected to organic complexing molecules (carboxylates, phosphonates, azolates…) delimiting an ordered porous... [ view full abstract ]


  1. christian serre (ENS-ESPCI-PSL-CNRS)

Topic Areas

Targeted drug delivery and Nanocarriers , Nanomedecine for cancer diagnosis & therapy


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