The Drive to Master the Foundation Principles of Nanoscale interactions with living Organisms

Kenneth Dawson

Centre for BioNano Interactions, School of Chemistry, University College Dublin

Professor Kenneth A. Dawson is Director of the Centre for BioNano Interactions (CBNI). Prof. Dawson’s professional roles include representing Ireland on various international bodies, including the OECD and ISO working groups on standards for Nanotechnology. He has been an advisor on nanoscience matters in the EU New Risk Committee of the European Commission, as well as the Advisory group of the European Medicines Agency. He has received several international prizes, including the 2007 Cozzarelli prize from the National Academy of Sciences USA, as well as IBM, Packard, Canon, Sloan and Dreyfus prizes.


The nanoscale is unique in biology, and our capacity to engineer on that scale will be transformative. Thus, the endogenous (intrinsic) machinery of biology is defined and operates on the nanoscale. Typical biomolecules and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Kenneth Dawson (Centre for BioNano Interactions, School of Chemistry, University College Dublin)

Topic Areas

Targeted drug delivery and Nanocarriers , Biological & medical nanodevices and biosensors


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