Engineered Nanoparticles for Rapid Delivery of Betulinic Acid in MDA MB 231 and HEp-2 Cancer Cell Lines

Asim Halder

University of Calcutta

Asim Halder is currently doing Ph.D as University Research Fellow (UGC-CU, India) at Department of Chemical Technology, University of Calcutta. Earlier he received his M.Pharm in Pharmaceutics from SOA University in 2012. His main research interest is development of targetable nano-carriers against infectious and degenerative disorders. He is mainly working on polymeric nanoparticles formulation for known plant chemical entity and biogenetic synthesis of gold nanoparticles. He has completed one research project funded by TEQIP Phase II. He published four research papers and two book chapters. He is trained on Leica Ultramicrotome, Leica EM GP and High Pressure Homogenizer (Nano DeBEE).


Introduction: A range of triterpenoids have gained attention in cancer chemotherapy due to promising pre-clinical results. Triterpenoids are however constrained in therapeutics for both the solubility and permeability... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Asim Halder (University of Calcutta)
  2. Pritha Mukherjee (University of Calcutta)
  3. Subarna Ghosh (University of Calcutta)
  4. Urmi Chatterji (University of Calcutta)
  5. Arup Mukherjee (University of Calcutta)

Topic Area

Nanomedecine for cancer diagnosis & therapy


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