Chitosan-Collagen hybrid 3D-scaffolds as potential biomaterials for tissue engineering

Hilary Urena

National Center for Biotechnological Innovations (CENIBiot), CeNAT-CONARE

Ms. Hilary Urena is a B.Sc. in Biotechnology, currently working as a research associate at the National Center for Biotechnological Innovations (CENIBiot) at CeNAT-CONARE, Costa Rica. She has been working in developing suitable scaffolds based on biopolymers isolated from marine biowastes (chitosan from shrimp shells and collagen from tilapia skins), to be used as potetial biocompatible and biodegradable matrix for cell proliferation and differentiation in tissue engineering. She is currently involved in a national program on regenerative medicine in Costa Rica, starting with a pre-clinical study for cartilague regeneration in horses with the colaboration of the School of Veterinary Medicine.


Introduction. Chitosan has been applied to promote extracellular matrix (ECM) formation in tissue regenerative therapy. The superior tissue compatibility of chitosan may primarily be attributed to its structural similarity to... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Hilary Urena (National Center for Biotechnological Innovations (CENIBiot), CeNAT-CONARE)
  2. Marianelly Esquivel-Alfaro (Polymers Research Laboratory (POLIUNA), National University)
  3. Sergio Madrigal-Carballo (National Center for Biotechnological Innovations (CENIBiot), CeNAT-CONARE)

Topic Area

Tissue engineering and regenerative nanomedicine


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