Improvement of the Enzymatic Activity of α-Galactosidase Using Nanovesicles with application to Fabry Disease treatment

Solène Passemard


Dr. Solène Passemard is post-doctoral researcher in the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona since October 2016. In 2014 she obtained her PhD at Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne in Switzerland where she focused her research on the coating and functionalization of inorganic nanoparticles for the diagnosis of cancers. Her first post-doc was conducted in cell microencapsulation for diabetes treatment. She is now involved in the development of liposomal system in the frame of an European project called Smart-4-Fabry that she will speak about.


Introduction:Fabry disease is a rare inherited disease caused by loss of function of the enzyme α-Galactosidase A (GLA) [1]. Commercially available treatments are based on the intravenous administration of GLA demonstrated... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Solène Passemard (ICMAB-CSIC/CIBER-BBN)
  2. Elisabet González-Mira (ICMAB-CSIC/CIBER-BBN)
  3. Anna Lechado (VHIR/CIBER-BBN)
  4. Natalia Garcia Aranda (VHIR/CIBER-BBN)
  5. Ibane Abasolo (VHIR/CIBER-BBN)
  6. José Luis Corchero (Institut de Biotecnologia i de Biomedicina/CIBER-BBN)
  7. Santiago Sala (ICMAB-CSIC/CIBER-BBN/NT)
  8. Daniel Pulido (Combinatorial Chemistry Unit/CIBER-BBN)
  9. Edgar Cristobal (Combinatorial Chemistry Unit/CIBER-BBN)
  10. Míriam Royo (Combinatorial Chemistry Unit/CIBER-BBN)
  11. Antonio Villaverde (Institut de Biotecnologia i de Biomedicina/CIBER-BBN)
  12. Simó Schwartz (VHIR/CIBER-BBN)
  13. Jaume Veciana (ICMAB-CSIC/CIBER-BBN)
  14. Nora Ventosa (ICMAB-CSIC/CIBER-BBN)

Topic Area

Targeted drug delivery and nanocarriers


OS2b-A » Targeted drug delivery and nanocarriers (16:30 - Tuesday, 26th September, Auditorium)

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