Hyaluronic Acid and CD44: A Not So Straightforward Relationship

Julio Manuel Rios de la Rosa

University of Manchester

Julio obtained his BSc/MSc in Biotechnology at Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain in 2013. During his studies he conducted research in Seville and Barcelona supported by highly competitive grants, such as JAE-Intro (CSIC). In September 2013 he joined the University of Manchester as part of the NoWNANO DTC. Julio recently completed his PhD thesis on 'Hyaluronic acid vehicles for cell targeting' and is currently a Research Associate at the North West Centre for Advanced Drug Delivery (NoWCADD), a translational centre based at the University of Manchester funded through AstraZeneca. His research focuses on the characterisation of colloidal and macromolecular carriers.


Introduction: CD44 is the major receptor of hyaluronic acid (HA) on cell membranes, where it fulfils anchoring, signalling and endocytic functions. This multi-faceted role renders CD44 a key mediator in cellular responses... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Julio Manuel Rios de la Rosa (University of Manchester)
  2. Annalisa Tirella (University of Manchester)
  3. Maria Pelliccia (University of Manchester)
  4. Alice Spadea (University of Manchester)
  5. Enrique Lallana-Ozores (University of Manchester)
  6. Ponpawee Pingrajai (University of Manchester)
  7. Ian J. Stratford (University of Manchester)
  8. Nicola Tirelli (University of Manchester)

Topic Area

Targeted drug delivery and nanocarriers


OS1b-A » Targeted drug delivery and nanocarriers (16:20 - Monday, 25th September, Auditorium)

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