Drug-loaded micelles in bio-relevant dissolution media: Impact of surfactant-bile interactions on drug solubility

Zahari Vinarov

Sofia University

Zahari Vinarov was born on 19 April 1985 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated M. Sc. in Pharmacy (2009) and PhD in Colloid Chemistry (2014) and is currently appointed as Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Technology in the Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Sofia University.His main research interests are in surfactant solubilization of poorly-water soluble drugs, and lipid digestion and bioaccessibility of hydrophobic bioactives. He has published 9 scientific papers, 2 popular science articles and has participated in 13 industry-funded research projects.


IntroductionMore than 50 % of new drug molecules have poor water solubility which limits their clinical application. Oral delivery presents an additional challenge due to the endogenous surface-active substances in the gut... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Zahari Vinarov (Sofia University)
  2. Vladimir Katev (Sofia University)
  3. Slavka Tcholakova (Sofia University)

Topic Area

Targeted drug delivery and nanocarriers


OS2b-A » Targeted drug delivery and nanocarriers (16:30 - Tuesday, 26th September, Auditorium)

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