Tirapazamine-copper complexes for selective hypoxia cancer therapy

Wafa Al-Jamal

Queen's University Belfast

 Wafa Al-Jamal completed her PhD in Drug Delivery in 2008 at UCL School of Pharmacy, London. She is currently a Reader in Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery at Queen’s University Belfast. She is also a Prostate Cancer Research Fellow. Wafa joined the University of East Anglia as a Lecturer in Drug Delivery, after working as a senior research fellow at University College London and King’s College London.Her research focuses on developing cancer nanomedicines for combinatory therapy and theranostic applications. Her multidisciplinary research has been funded by the Royal Society, Prostate Cancer UK and EPSRC.


Introduction: Hypoxia pro-drugs have emerged as novel alternative cancer therapies. Tirapazamine (TPZ) is the most advanced hypoxia-activated prodrug and has shown great specificity and potency in inhibiting tumour growth at... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Vera Silva (University of East Anglia/ School of Pharmacy)
  2. Wafa Al-Jamal (Queen's University Belfast)

Topic Areas

Targeted drug delivery and nanocarriers , Nanomedicine for cancer diagnosis & therapy


OS2a-A » Multi-Topic (15:00 - Tuesday, 26th September, Auditorium)

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