Evaluation of the dermal health risk of silver nanowires as prospective medicine tool

Sylvia Lehmann

University Grenoble Alps

Sylvia Lehmann obtained her PhD in cellular and molecular biology at the university of Strasbourg in the laboratory of Paolo Sassone-Corsi at the IGBMC. She worked as a post-doctoral researcher at IRIC (University of Montréal) and after at the Prométhée proteomic platform (University Grenoble Alpes) using proteomic to decipher the mechanism of action of anticancer drugs. She is now the current holder of a chair of nanotoxicology from the Labex SERENADE. Her work focus on safe by design of high aspect ratio metallic nanomaterials.


Silver nanowires (Ag NWs) have a particularly large range of anticipated nanotechnology applications because of their intriguing optical, conductive, antimicrobial, chemical and thermal properties. They have been proposed to... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Sylvia Lehmann (University Grenoble Alps)
  2. Benjamin Gilbert (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  3. Thierry Maffeis (Swansea University)
  4. Laurent Charlet (University Grenoble Alps)

Topic Area

Toxicology and risk assessment of nanomedicine systems


OS1b-412 » Toxicology and risk assessment of nanomedicine systems (16:20 - Monday, 25th September, Room 412)

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