SERS spectroscopy for the detection and identification of microorganisms

Dmitry Kopitsyn

Gubkin University

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Andrei Novikov

Gubkin University

Andrei Novikov graduated in 2007 from Perm State University with M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry. He acquired Ph.D. degree in Gubkin University in 2010 with thesis dedicated to isolation and description of novel species of bacteria Carboxydothermus islandicus, and the studying of biocatalysis of water-gas shift reaction in bubble columns. Since 2010, his research group provides lipid analysis for the description of new species of microbes (published in IJSEM). Interests: synthesis of metal nanoparticles, surface-enhanced Raman scattering, its application for detection and identification of microbes. He's assistant professor now, teaching classes "Physical Chemistry", "Kinetics and Catalysis", and others.


IntroductionDetection of microorganisms is an important task in the fields of clinical diagnostics, food safety, and water quality control. The severity of this problem is due to the emergence of clinical infections by... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Dmitry Kopitsyn (Gubkin University)
  2. Maksim Gorbachevskii (Gubkin University)
  3. Ekaterina Botchkova (Gubkin University)
  4. Pavel Gushchin (Gubkin University)
  5. Vladimir Vinokurov (Gubkin University)
  6. Andrei Novikov (Gubkin University)

Topic Areas

Biological & medical nanodevices and biosensors , Nano-Imaging for diagnosis, therapy and delivery


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