Cytotoxicity evaluation of functionalized nanocarriers on HepaRG cells


Magnetic mesoporous silica nanoparticles (M-MSN) represent possible tools for cancer diagnostic and therapy. Nevertheless, once functionalized, their biocompatibility must be assessed before to be used as nanocarriers. We... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Odette Prat (CEA/ DRF/ BIAM)
  2. Cédric Pisani (CEA/ DRF/ BIAM)
  3. Estelle Rascol (université de Montpellier)
  4. Christophe Dorandeu (université de Montpellier)
  5. Clarence Charnay (université de Montpellier)
  6. Yannick Guari (université de Montpellier)
  7. Joel Chopineau (universite de Nîmes)
  8. Jean-marie Devoisselle (université de Montpellier)

Topic Area

Toxicology and risk assessment of nanomedicine systems


PS3 » Poster Session (13:30 - Wednesday, 27th September, Gallery)

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