Public Housing as Method: Upgrading Urbanisation Model in Chongqing


By analysing its mechanism and rationale, the author explains the mega urban project of public rental housing in Chongqing functions as a method to upgrade the urbanisation model in China. However, the author gives the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Weijie HU (The University of Sydney)
  2. Yiting Wang (Chongqing Normal University)

Topic Areas

Financialisation and the built environment , Migration, mobility and identity , Reconstructing the real estate-finance link: Housing financialization after the crisis , A House Dividing: Housing Inequalities, Welfare, and Diverging Class Identities , The rise of multiple ownership and property wealth concentration across the globe


2C » Financialisation and the built environment (15:30 - Monday, 19th June, Y5-204)

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