How does housing shape the social, cultural and urban landscape? Comparing urbanism and the built environment among cities in France with contrasting profiles


The city has long been theorized and considered by urban planners and public official as the place for economic growth and production. Hence, housing has often been defined as a utilitarian solution to enable workers to live... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Maxime JAFFRE (Centre Norbert Elias - CNRS)
  2. Elena Raevskikh (Centre Norbert Elias - CNRS)
  3. Terry Nichols Clark (University of Chicago)

Topic Areas

Housing inequality and social stratification , Housing inequality and social stratification , Housing and comparative urbanism , Migration, mobility and identity , Gentrification, displacement and the right to the city , Housing and Comparative Urbanism


2A » Housing and comparative urbanism (15:30 - Monday, 19th June, Y5-202)

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