Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with reading ability show connection to socio-economic outcomes


Impairments in reading and in language have negative consequences on life outcomes. Whether genes influence this association is unknown. We constructed polygenic scores for difficulties with language and learning to read from... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Michelle Luciano (University of Edinburgh)
  2. Saskia Hagenaars (University of Edinburgh)
  3. Simon Cox (University of Edinburgh)
  4. William Hill (University of Edinburgh)
  5. Gail Davies (University of Edinburgh)
  6. Sarah Harris (University of Edinburgh)
  7. Ian Deary (University of Edinburgh)
  8. David Evans (University of Queensland)
  9. Nicholas Martin (Queensland Institute of Medical Research)
  10. Margaret Wright (University of Queensland)
  11. Tim Bates (University of Edinburgh)

Topic Areas

Genetics , Social and Life impacts , Neuroimaging


Sa11 » Molecular Genetics of Education Attainment (11:00 - Saturday, 15th July)

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