Host town identity, but not hometown identity, attenuates the effect of financial stress on paranoia, depression, and anxiety


Debt and financial insecurity are associated with stress, low self-worth and poor health. Joining and identifying with social groups promotes better health and higher self-esteem. In difficult financial times, people’s sense... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jason McIntyre (University of Liverpool & NIHR CLAHRC NWC)
  2. Anam Elahi (University of Liverpool & NIHR CLAHRC NWC)
  3. Charlotte Hampson (University of Liverpool)
  4. Hannah Bodycote (University of Liverpool)
  5. Kasia Sitko (University of Liverpool)
  6. Richard Bentall (University of Liverpool)

Topic Areas

Therapy in times of austerity/social upheaval , Society's impact on mental health


SAPM PSI » Papers: Social Influences on Health (14:30 - Saturday, 2nd September, Chadwick Building, Barkla Lecture Theatre)

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