Multi-Family Psychoanalysis Group: how it works and its high potential for change for adults and adolescents


Multi-Family Psychoanalysis Groups (MFPG) were started by Jorge Garcia Badaracco in the Sixties in Argentina. In a MFPG several families gather together and the focus of the discussion is how relationships among people work,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Caterina Tabasso (Private Practice-psychoanalyst)
  2. Claudia Tardugno (Private Practice-psychoanalyst)
  3. Luciana De Franco (Private Practice-psychoanalyst)

Topic Areas

Group analytic and psychoanalytic group therapies , Early intervention , Other family work


FRPM PFA » Papers: Multifamily Groups (14:30 - Friday, 1st September, CT Hub, Lecture Theatre C)

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