Possible causes of psychotic breakdown, meanings of withdrawal and structure design for the care of the psychotic crisis

Germana Spagnolo

Associazione Psicologia il Conventino Bergamo

BIOGRAPHYIam Italian and live in Bergamo, where I work as a psychologist andpsychotherapist in a private structure. I have been working in thefield for several years. I have a psychodynamic orientation and have a specialization in psychodiagnostics. My specialization inpsychotherapy initially regarded only childhood and adolescence, butI then extended my training and my clinical practice to adultpatients as well. Ihave published the following two essays: (1)Super-Io e intelligenza sopra la media, quale relazione (Super-egoand intelligence above the average, what is their relation) (2)La società della complessità(Society of complexity).Itook part in the ISPS Congress of 2014 (organized by Isps Lombardiaof which I am a member) in Bergamo and in the ISPS Congress of 2015in New York.


Jung, in 1908, had stressed the fact that in the period preceding the psychotic onset, particularly significant facts of life had destabilized the psychic asset of the patients. In other words, to use the terminology... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Germana Spagnolo (Associazione Psicologia il Conventino Bergamo)

Topic Areas

Group analytic and psychoanalytic group therapies , Early intervention , Society's impact on mental health


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