The intersubjective arena of the psychotherapy for psychosis: A phenomenological account of therapists' experiences

Andreas Vassiliou

Middlesex University

Andreas is an HCPC, and BPS registered counselling psychologist and an accredited supervisor, a UKCP and UPCA accredited existential psychotherapist and currently a lecturer in psychotherapy and psychology. He has held various clinical, organisational, research and leadership positions in the NHS, the social care services, the Department for Education, the local government and in the charity sector. He has significant experience in working with children, adolescents and adults in individual and group settings. He was trained and has particular interests in play therapy, psychodrama and psychosocial family interventions in psychosis. His main teaching interests are existential and phenomenological approaches to CoP and psychotherapy, critical psychopathology and qualitative research methods, particularly Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. Andreas is also involved in independent clinical and research supervision as well as in clinical practice as an existential psychotherapist and counselling psychologist.


New recovery-oriented literature points to the significance of considering dialogical and interrelational approaches to both the conceptualisation and psychotherapy of psychosis. This literature encompasses a broad spectrum -... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Andreas Vassiliou (Middlesex University)

Topic Areas

Therapeutic relationships , Influencing research , Other individual therapies


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