Energy transfer in QD dendrite-type fractal superstructures

Cesar Bernardo

Center of Physics of the University of Minho (CFUM)

César Bernardo received his B.S. degree in Chemistry in 2011 and his M.S. in Medicinal Chemistry in 2013 both from the University of Minho, Portugal. He is currently a PhD student of the joint doctoral programme in Physics of Universities of Minho, Aveiro and Porto. His research interests include ultrafast spectroscopy, nonlinear optics and nanomaterials.


The unique luminescent properties of colloidal quantum dots (QDs), tunable via precise control of their size, shape and composition, allow for a broad range of applications including energy harvesting. Self-assembly and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Cesar Bernardo (Center of Physics of the University of Minho (CFUM))
  2. Peter Schellenberg (MackGraphe – Graphene and Nanomaterials Research Center, S.Paulo)
  3. Michael Belsley (Center of Physics of the University of Minho (CFUM))
  4. Mikhail Vasilevskiy (Center of Physics of the University of Minho (CFUM))

Topic Area

Quantum dots


OS2-103a » Quantum dots (14:30 - Thursday, 8th December, Tower 24 - Room 103)

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