INVITED TALK -> Frequency mixing phenomena in acousto-magneto-plasmonics


Frequency conversion in periodically driven systems lies at the heart of nonlinear physics. While the second harmonic generation (SHG), sum- and different frequency mixing in the optical frequency range originate from the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Vasily TEMNOV (Institut des Molécules et Matériaux du Mans)
  2. Ilya Razdolski (Fritz-Haber Institute of the Max-Planck Society, Berlin)
  3. Denys Makarov (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)
  4. Alexey Lomonosov (LAUM CNRS 6613 Universite du Maine)
  5. Vladimir Vlasov (IMMM CNRS 6283, Universite du Maine)
  6. Julius Janusonis (University of Groningen)
  7. Chia-Lin Chang (University of Groningen)
  8. Raanan Tobey (University of Groningen)

Topic Areas

Magneto-optical nanomaterials , Nonlinear nano-optics


OS2-103b » Nonlinear nano-optics (16:30 - Thursday, 8th December, Tower 24 - Room 103)

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