Bragg grating filter for hybrid near- and mid-infrared silicon membrane waveguides


The mid-infrared (MIR) wavelength range contains the vibrational and rotational resonances of a wide number of chemical and biological substances. This enabled absorption spectrometers operating in the MIR to achieve... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Carlos Ramos (Université Paris Sud / C2N)
  2. Xavier Le Roux (Université Paris Sud / C2N)
  3. Vladyslav Vakarin (Université Paris Sud / C2N)
  4. Elena Durán-valdeiglesias (Université Paris Sud / C2N)
  5. Diego Pérez-galacho (Université Paris Sud / C2N)
  6. Eric Cassan (Université Paris Sud / C2N)
  7. Delphine Marris-Morini (Université Paris Sud / C2N)
  8. Pavel Cheben (National Research Council, Ottawa, K1A 0R6, Canada)
  9. Laurent Vivien (Université Paris Sud / C2N)

Topic Areas

Photonic & plasmonic nanomaterials , Advanced integrated optics


OS3-101a » Advanced integrated optics (14:30 - Friday, 9th December, Tower 24 - Room 101)

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