Preparation of PVC Micro-Fiber by Electrospinning Technique Under Different Conditions

Dayah Raouf

University of Technology

BSc University of Baghdad Iraq, PhD, in laser physics, from  University of Hull England (1988). Resent interest : Preperation of Ag, Au ,…. Nano- particles  by laser ablation technique  in liquids. Also, preparations of micro/ nanofibers  by electrospinning  technique.  


Electrospinning technique was used to produce PVC micro-fibers. The results shows that the diameter of the micro-fiber decreased with increasing the high voltage applied, the conductivity of the solution and the tip-collector... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Dayah Raouf (University of Technology)
  2. Balkees Dabbagh (University of Technology)
  3. Hanaa J. Khadim (University of Technology)

Topic Area

Sol-Gel optical materials


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