Label-free, sensitive Streptomycete spore detection by silver-plated photonic crystals biosensor

Delong Wang

Southeast University

Delong Wang is currently a Ph. D. candidate at State Key Laboratory of Bioelectronics, Southeast University, China. He received his Master degree from college of resources and environmental sciences, Nanjing Agriculture University in 2014. Then he joined Prof. Zhongze Gu's group. His current scientific interests are focused on micro/nano biomedical detection.


Highly sensitive bacteria identification plays an important role in the field of clinical diagnosis, food industry, and environmental monitoring. Common techniques for identification of Streptomyces include polymerase chain... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Delong Wang (Southeast University)
  2. Xiangwei Zhao (Southeast University)
  3. Zhongze Gu (Southeast University)

Topic Areas

Photonic & plasmonic nanomaterials , Enhanced sensing (SERS, SEIRA)


OS2-105b » Photonic & plasmonic nanomaterials (16:30 - Thursday, 8th December, Tower 24 - Room 105)

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