Amplitude mask for generating 2D periodic nano-structures

Kavya Mohan

Indian Institute of Science Banglore

Kavya M .has received her B.Sc degree from Kuvempu University, Karnataka India in the year 2010 and her Master degree (M.Sc) in Physics from Davanagere University, Karnataka in the year 2012. August 2012 she joined as a Ph.D. student in Instrumentation and Applied Physics Department in Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India and continuing till now.Her research interests include Aperture Engineering of PSF for imaging application in Fluorescence microscopy using light-sheets and also for interference based lithography techniques.Linkedin : Researchgate:'s website :


Introduction: Periodic nanostructures have gained lot of significance because of its wide range of applications ranging from nano-electronics to nano-fluidics. Laser interference lithography has emerged as a powerful, cost... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Kavya Mohan (Indian Institute of Science Banglore)
  2. Partha P. Mondal (Indian Institute of Science)

Topic Area

Lithography and nanofabrication (large scale nanostructuring)


OS2-101a » Lithography and nanofabrication (large scale nanostructuring) (14:30 - Thursday, 8th December, Tower 24 - Room 101)

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