Tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy imaging of opaque samples in organic liquid


Sorbonne Universités - UPMC

Dr. Ivan T. Lucas earned his PhD in Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Physics from Sorbonne Universités-UPMC (France) in 2007 for his work on the electrochemical properties of nanocolloids. He then joined in 2008 the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA) to develop and apply near-field microscopy/spectroscopy techniques for the diagnosis of energy storage materials (Kostecki group). In 2012, Dr. Lucas got appointed as associate professor (Maître de Conférences) in LISE laboratory (Sorbonne Universités) to develop Raman spectroscopy at the molecular level and its coupling with electrochemical techniques.


Near-field scanning optical microscopies (NSOM) associating vibrational spectroscopies (Raman, infrared: IR) and Scanning Probe Microscopies (SPMs) stand as powerful techniques to provide unambiguous and precise chemical... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ivan T. LUCAS (Sorbonne Universités - UPMC)
  2. Emmanuel Maisonhaute (Sorbonne Universités - UPMC)
  3. Thomas Touzalin (Sorbonne Universités - UPMC)
  4. Alice Dauphin (Sorbonne Universités - UPMC)
  5. Suzanne Joiret (Sorbonne Universités - UPMC)

Topic Areas

New instrumentation for spectroscopy and microscopy , Enhanced sensing (SERS, SEIRA)


OS1-103b » Enhanced sensing (SERS, SEIRA) (16:30 - Wednesday, 7th December, Tower 24 - Room 103)

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