Broadening effects of absorption and emission bands in InP/ZnS quantum dots

Ilya Weinstein

Ural Federal University, NANOTECH Centre

Ilya Weinstein is a Professor at Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg. He did his PhD in Ural State Technical University at 1997 and then during 2002 – 2004 served as vice-dean of Physics & Technology Faculty. At that time his main scientific interests were in properties investigation of luminescent materials for solid state dosimetry. In 2009 just after Dr.Sc. Degree I. Weinstein became Head of the newly organized NANOTECH Centre in UrFU. Currently his group researches are focused on synthesis and study of new nanostructured luminophores for photonics applications.


Colloidal core/shell quantum dots (QD) based on non-toxic indium phosphide surrounded by more widegap zinc sulphide are being extensively investigated [1]. At the same time, the effect of temperature on the optical properties... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Sergey Savchenko (Ural Federal University, NANOTECH Centre)
  2. Alexander Vokhmintsev (Ural Federal University, NANOTECH Centre)
  3. Ilya Weinstein (Ural Federal University, NANOTECH Centre)

Topic Areas

Optical properties of nanostructures , Quantum dots and colour centres


OS3b-R412 » Optical properties of nanostructures (16:40 - Friday, 15th September, Room 412)

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