Second Harmonic generation from an array of gold nanocylinders up to a single nanocylinder

christian jonin

université de lyon

CNRS Researcher in nonlinear optics and interfaces group in LYON (FRANCE) directed by the Professor Pierre-François Brevet.


1.    Nonlinear response of an array of gold nanocylindersThe second harmonic generation process has been performed from hexagonal array of gold nanocylinders. The nonlinear response has been carried out as a function of the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. christian jonin (université de lyon)
  2. Pierre-françois Brevet (université de lyon)
  3. Emeric Bergmann (université de lyon)
  4. Pierre-michel Adam (université technologique de troyes)
  5. Anne-laure Baudrion (Université de technologie de Troyes)
  6. Sergei Kochtcheev (Université de technologie de Troyes)

Topic Areas

Photonic & plasmonic nanomaterials , Optical properties of nanostructures , Nonlinear nano-optics


OS2b-R207 » Nonlinear nano-optics (16:50 - Thursday, 14th September, Room 207)

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