High-Efficiency Asymmetric Transmission of Circularly Polarized THz waves using a Dielectric Herringbone Metasurface

Mitchell Kenney

University of Glasgow

Dr Mitchell Kenney received his MSci in Physics and Nanotechnology at the University of Birmingham in 2011, and continued on to do a PhD in Physics with Professor Shuang Zhang in the Metamaterials Research Group, University of Birmingham, completed in 2016. He is currently employed as a Research Assistant in the Microsystems Technology Group at the University of Glasgow, headed by Professor David Cumming, where his background experience in metasurfaces aims to be of benefit to the SuperCamera and QuantIC projects. His research focusses on absorbers, holography, chirality, and lensing using metasurfaces.


An interesting topic is that of metamaterials imparting chiral responses which invoke a disparity between opposite handednesses of circularly polarised (CP) light. Most chiral metamaterials are either 3D-helical structures [1]... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Mitchell Kenney (University of Glasgow)
  2. Shaoxian Li (Tianjin University)
  3. Xueqian Zhang (Tianjin University)
  4. Teun-teun Kim (University of Birmingham)
  5. Dongyang Wang (Tianjin University)
  6. Dongmin Wu (Chinese Aademy of Sciences)
  7. Chunmei Ouyang (Tianjin University)
  8. Jiaguang Han (Tianjin University)
  9. Weili Zhang (Tianjin University)
  10. Hong-bo Sun (Jilin University)
  11. Shuang Zhang (University of Birmingham)

Topic Areas

Photonic & plasmonic nanomaterials , Optical properties of nanostructures , Metamaterials


OS1b-R412 » Metamaterials (16:40 - Wednesday, 13th September, Room 412)

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