Nanometre scale monitoring of the quantum confined stark effect and emission efficiency droop in multiple GaN/AlN quantum disks in nanowires

Luiz Fernando Zagonel

University of Campinas – UNICAMP

Is a Professor at the Physics Institute of the Campinas University (Unicamp) in BRazil (São Paulo).  Has been working in instrumentation applied to the study of light emission by nano structures with high spatial resolution in the TEM and STM. Holds a PhD in Physics and worked as a Post Doc at the Université Paris Sud, France. 


We report on a detailed study of the intensity dependent optical properties of individual GaN/AlN Quantum Disks (QDisks) embedded into GaN nanowires (NW). The structural and optical properties of the QDisks were probed by high... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Luiz Fernando Zagonel (University of Campinas – UNICAMP)
  2. Luiz Tizei (Univ. Paris-Sud, Universite Paris-Saclay)
  3. Gabriel Vitiello (Campinas Universisty)
  4. Gwénolé Jacopin (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
  5. Lorenzo Rigutti (Université de Rouen)
  6. Maria Tchernycheva (Univ. Paris-Sud, Universite Paris-Saclay)
  7. Francois Julien (Univ. Paris-Sud, Universite Paris-Saclay)
  8. Rudeesun Songmuang (Institute Neel)
  9. Tomas Ostasevicius (University of Cambridge)
  10. Francisco De La Peña (University of Cambridge)
  11. Caterina Ducati (University of Cambridge)
  12. Paul Midgley (University of Cambridge)
  13. Mathieu Kociak (Univ. Paris-Sud, Universite Paris-Saclay)

Topic Areas

Optical properties of nanostructures , Nonlinear nano-optics , Quantum dots and colour centres


OS2b-R207 » Nonlinear nano-optics (16:50 - Thursday, 14th September, Room 207)

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