Optical properties of GaP/Si active microdisks containing InGaAs/GaP quantum dots

Ronan Tremblay


Ronan Tremblay received M. S. degree in optics from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie, Lannion, France in 2014. He started studying photonics focusing on hybrid optical amplifier on silicon at Laboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostrctures (LPN), Marcousis, France. He is currently working toward the Ph. D degree at FOTON Laboratory, Institut des Sciences Appliquées, Rennes, France. His research focuses on the monolithic integration of GaP-based nanostructures on silicon.


Taking advantage of low production costs and large integration scale, silicon photonics is a promising way to improve on-chip data routing and reduce electronic consumption. The small lattice mismatch between Si and GaP... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ronan Tremblay (UMR FOTON, CNRS, INSA-Rennes)
  2. Tony Rohel (UMR FOTON, CNRS, INSA-Rennes)
  3. Yoan Léger (UMR FOTON, CNRS, INSA-Rennes)
  4. Alain le corre (UMR FOTON, CNRS, INSA-Rennes)
  5. Rozenn Bernard (UMR FOTON, CNRS, INSA-Rennes)
  6. Nicolas Bertru (UMR FOTON, CNRS, INSA-Rennes)
  7. Olivier Durand (UMR FOTON, CNRS, INSA-Rennes)
  8. Charles Cornet (UMR FOTON, CNRS, INSA-Rennes)

Topic Areas

Photonic & plasmonic nanomaterials , Optical properties of nanostructures


OS2a-R412 » Photonic & plasmonic nanomaterials (14:30 - Thursday, 14th September, Room 412)

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