Improved Sensitivity of Optical Polarimetry with MEMS Machining and Microfluidics

Maab Al-hafidh

University of Glasgow/Biomedical Engineering

Maab has been a PhD student in the division of Biomedical Engineering at Glasgow University/UK since 2014. She was awarded her BSc. and MSc. in Laser and Optoelectronic Engineering at Alnahrain University/Iraq in 2008, and since 2009 she has been a lecturer in Medical Engineering at Alnahrain University. She is a member of Iraqi Engineering Union since 2006. Her research interests include free electron laser oscillators, nonlinear optics, biosensors, MEMS machining and microfluidics.


Introduction Polarimetry can provide important insights into the concentration and the molecular structure of chemical compounds in solution. The technique has been used in a variety of biochemical applications such as drug... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Maab Al-hafidh (University of Glasgow/Biomedical Engineering)
  2. Andrew Glidle (University of Glasgow/Biomedical Engineering)
  3. Anthony Kelly (University of Glasgow/Electronic and Nanoscale Engineering)
  4. Julien Reboud (University of Glasgow/Biomedical Engineering)
  5. Jonathan Cooper (University of Glasgow/Biomedical Engineering)

Topic Area

Enhanced spectroscopy and sensing


OS1a-R412 » Enhanced spectroscopy and sensing (14:30 - Wednesday, 13th September, Room 412)

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