Optical spirals and Möbius strips on all-dielectric optical antennas

Aitzol Garcia-Etxarri

Donostia International Physics Center

Aitzol Garcia-Etxarri defended his PhD in 2010 in the University of the Basque Country. Soon after he spend 4 years as a postdoctoral researcher in Stanford University, under the supervision of Prof. Jennifer Dionne. After this he started his career as an independent researcher through the Fellows Gipuzkoa program at the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC). His research focuses on chiral and topological aspects of light matter interactions at the nanoscale. 


The study of the optical response of high refractive index nano-particles has revealed that these resonant structures are capable of controlling different degrees of freedom of light fields with unprecedented versatility. The... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Aitzol Garcia-Etxarri (Donostia International Physics Center)

Topic Area

Optical properties of nanostructures


OS1a-A » Optical properties of nanostructures (14:30 - Wednesday, 13th September, Auditorium)

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